About Us

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Our Story

Years ago our Chef, Rob Low, was living in France where he and his roommates agreed that whoever did the dishes, wouldn't have to do the cooking. With pleasure, Rob took up a love for cooking. It wasn't long before Rob was graduating culinary school in San Francisco as a Le Cordon Bleu Chef.

Bringing his love for good food home to Calgary in 2014, Around The Bend became Rob's way to give Calgary the freshest possible sandwich experience. Not using deli meat may seem daring, but it was the best way to show our guests just how good a sandwich can be.

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Our Approach

Around The Bend is a fresh casual restaurant. From our fresh daily production of our soft pretzels and pretzel buns to our in-house prepared meats, such as our roast beef and roast turkey breast, our fresh philosophy covers everything we make.  Mayonnaise from scratch? Marinara or Creamy Ranch? Our sauces and dips fall under our fresh focus as well. We love to provide our guests with the freshest experience possible!